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FM081 Inspired by DKNY Be Delicious Woman

Product Code: FM081
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: RM67.90

Product Description:
Eccentric scent of magnolia, lily of the valley, rose and violet, complemented by the gentle notes of apple and green cucumber.

Want to get high-quality perfumes with the same scent as the branded ones, but at a lower cost?

It’s time for you to try FM Fragrances!

FM Group offers a line of perfumes and cosmetics designed and created entirely in Europe. This brand is recognized and appreciated in many countries all over the world.

Only the best quality perfume which is easy on the pocket!!

FM products are Eau de Parfum 16% concentrated. (SAME SCENT & BUT BETTER QUALITY THAN BRANDED PERFUMES) What does this mean? It means that our perfumes last longer on skin (up to 24hours or even 48 hours). FM perfumes have recognizable similarities with the leading brands and are far less expensive. FM is not fake, its essences are sourced from DROM Germany, the same source of most designer perfumes!

Why prices are so low?
The difference?
• No Famous Name Endorsements
• No Expensive Packaging
• No advertising
• No Massive cost

That is why FM perfumes are so inexpensive! 

1. Parfum (lasts for 9-16 hours at the least)
2. Eau de Parfum (lasts 6-9 hours at the least)
3. Eau de Toilette (lasts 4-6 hours at the least)
4. Eau de Cologne (lasts 2-4 hours at the least) 

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